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Telkom Idols bundles launched

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Telkom has started offering a new type of data bundle from its USSD menus named “IDOLS bundles”. The company confirmed the launch of the new products to MyBroadband, saying that they launched them as part of a campaign to market and expose Telkom prepaid bundles to Telkom customers.

“As you may be aware, Telkom has never had any campaign to market weekend bundles, daily bundles, and our low-denominated FreeMe bundles, and therefore Idols properties were identified as a perfect platform to execute the campaign,” Telkom said.

“The main aim of the campaign is to make customers aware that Telkom does not only offer FreeMe bundles, but there are also other bundles that are available for customers to purchase, such as weekend and daily bundles.”

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Asked about expiry windows, roll-over, and data transfer rules, Telkom said that its Idols bundles work just like its normal bundles do.

“Telkom reviewed expiry periods of all our bundles in 20 February 2019, and most of our bundles were extended in order to comply with the ICASA regulations,” the company said.

However, when it comes to time-based products such as daily and weekend data bundles, Telkom said that they will expire at the specified time.

“The bundles are sold at huge discounts in comparison to our normal bundles and the customer benefits from the discounted price,” Telkom stated.

Subscribers are able to transfer data from Idols bundles to other users on the Telkom network.

Pricing and Validity
The pricing and validity periods for the bundles are summarised in the tables below.

In our own testing, contract subscribers do not have access to the IDOLS daily bundle.

Telkom Idols weekend bundles
Bundle Size Price Validity
100MB IDOLS Weekend Data Bundle R10 1 weekend – Friday midnight (00h00:01) to Sunday midnight (23h59:59)
200MB IDOLS Weekend Data Bundle R19 1 weekend – Friday midnight (00h00:01) to Sunday midnight (23h59:59)
500MB IDOLS Weekend Data Bundle R29 1 weekend – Friday midnight (00h00:01) to Sunday midnight (23h59:59)
1GB IDOLS Weekend Data Bundle R49 1 weekend – Friday midnight (00h00:01) to Sunday midnight (23h59:59)

Telkom Idols FreeMe bundles
Bundle Size Price WhatsApp, Viber and BBM Data On-net Minutes SMS Validity
150MB IDOLS FreeMe R29 150MB 150 50 14 Days
250MB IDOLS FreeMe R39 250MB 250 50 14 Days
500MB IDOLS FreeMe R70 500MB 300 100 31 Days/ 61 Days data
1GB IDOLS FreeMe R100 500MB 300 100 31 Days/ 61 Days data
Telkom Idols daily bundle
Bundle Size Price Validity
150 MB IDOLS Daily Data Bundle R9.99 24 Hours from the time of purchase

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