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Tebogo Lerole speaks out after hearing ex-girlfriend Khanyi Mbau is getting married

Khanyi Mbau has finally broken her silence over the continued doom-and-gloom that has predicted about her relationship with Zimbabwean-born businessman, Kudzai Mushonga. Since the good sis has revealed that she was dating the man suggested as one of the youngest billionaires from his country, we have all seen reports attempting to put a damper on their relationship.

First, it was the matter of the Mushonga apparently being a fugitive after he had decided to take hiatus from social and completely erase his social media footprint. But it seemed that Mushonga understood what it mean to date a beloved personality like Khanyi Mbau and returned to social media. Mushonga has shared his Instagram handle, and now we get to see the blooming love story between the two from both sides.

Some of the most recent moments that the couple gave their followers and fans insight on were the two spending family-couples night with Mushonga’s brother and his girlfriend. The picture which was posted Mbau had her fans in their feels as they appreciated how much love was in the picture. Moreover, it did indicate that as much as the two have been dating for just over a year; they have both logged on Gone Gang World Wide.

Khanyi Mbau and Kudzie family

Moreover, the new home and car that Miss Mbau shared having posted outside of sent her followers. The former Queen of Bling left many guessing when she posted the image. For weeks the two have shared images of their hotel living. However, maybe Mbau was giving us a teaser of what her marital home with Mushonga will look like.

But clearly, not everyone is happy that Mbau is happy and an official Gone-Girls club cardholder. Thanks to The Popcorn Room, an Instagram live story shared by the former Muvhango actress has been shared. The story is Mbau talking about the constant naysayers on her relationship that has already predicted their tragic end. Mbau made it clear that, “Even if our relationship ends in tears, please support me.”

And just when we thought that the tea was already hot, Mbau’s ex after ten years, Tebogo “maybe-not-so-much-billionaire” Lerole spoke out on the suggested drag when Mbau suggested that she have proven that she can date broke men by being respectable and demure. Lerole clarified that he is happy that Mbau has managed to find love elsewhere, and currently he is just trying to heal and move on.

Khanyi Mbau ex-boyfriend reacts

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Khanyi Mbau

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