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TB Joshua’s daughter speaks out

TB Joshua’s daughter reveals how she was tortured after confronting him.  The late church leader and televangelist TB Joshua’s daughter has revealed how she was tortured and locked away for months after confronting him about his tlof tlof crimes.

The late Nigerian preacher, Temitope Balogun Joshua, is trending across Africa, following the release of a scathing BBC documentary, Disciples: The Cult of TB Joshua. BBC Eye interviewed over 30 of the church’s former “disciples” who relived their lives in “slavery” and abuse at the Synagogue Church Of All Nations.

The BBC reported that TB Joshua s_xually abused over 100 church workers. Whistleblowers said the leader stayed at his church, away from his wife and children. They also said he resented his wife and acted as if she was a temptation.

Prophet TB Joshua

TB Joshua reportedly had many entrances and staircases that led to his office at his church. He would randomly use them so that when he envited girls for tlof tlof, no one saw them.

One woman in the BBC documentary cried profusely as she recounted how the man of God raped her. When the girls whispered, they would report each other to gain favours. After reporting, TB Joshua would call a meeting and beat up the girl who talked of being s_xually harassed.

The late televangelist’s daughter, Ajoke, spoke to the BBC about her experiences. The 28-year-old said she was TB Joshua’s child from an extra-marital affair. However, the preacher took her in to avoid people finding out about his sins.

Prophet TB Joshua

Ajoke said one day, she boldy confronted her father during a meeting and asked why he was taking advantage and raping underaged girls. An incenced TB Joshua then set his security on her and they badly thrashed her.

So bad were the beatings that she bled, but still kept asking why her father was s_xually exploiting young women. TB Joshua then ordered that she be locked up in a room, where she stayed for months. Months later, she was thrown out into the streets, with no idea where to go.

Source: BBC

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