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Tanzania’s Maasai tribe forcibly removed from ancestral land

Thousands of Tanzania’s Maasai people have fled their ancestral lands. It’s understood authorities have unleashed the full power of the military to drive the Maasai out. The Tanzanian government allegedly wants to use the land for conservation zones and trophy hunting.

Many Maasai have reportedly been injured by gunshots, but government is refusing to treat the injured.

There’s been multiple talks between government and the Maasai warriors. 100,000 had agreed to move but there was pressure mounting from the group that didn’t want to move,” eNCA correspondent in Kampala, Isabel Nakirya, said.

“Trophy hunting had renewed interest in it, it’s a very lucrative business and Tanzania wants to reap profit through this. People trying to make a living from nomadic pastoralism.

Source: eNCA

In other news – Shock as second murder docket involving Kelly Khumalo dismissed

2nd murder docket – which lists Kelly Khumalo and others as suspects in the murder of Senzo Meyiwa – has been dismissed by the NPA.

Kelly Khumalo

The news was revealed during the trial’s proceedings, which resumed in the Pretoria High Court on Monday 13 June. Learn more

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