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Unathi Nkayi under fire for taking photos n@ked

Former Idols SA judge, Unathi Nkayi broke the internet with her fire n#de picture posted on Instagram. Unathi has always been about body positivity and has made it her mission to lose as much weight as possible. Sis has worked hard for her body so it’s only fitting for her to show it off.

She always spoke about lacking self-confidence but now that she has lost the weight, she is oozing confidence.

“IT’S POSSIBLE,” started off Unathi. “They would say I use foundation to cover my stretch marks. They laughed when I said I want to be able to wear a bikini any day of the year. They would drag me on social media whilst picking my body apart.”

“BUT, I knew what I wanted. I knew what I had to do to get there. I KNOW what I have to do to stay here. My journey with @africology_sa makes me so emotional. I walked into their doors in 2011 and we’ve been family since. I was so wide I couldn’t rest my arms on the bed by my side. They would fall off. TODAY I love looking at myself n@ked. My confidence is INSANE. Stretch marks, weight and cellulite GONE. Went in for my favourites. The Goddess Facial and the 90-minute hot stone. PS I love it when you stop me and tell me about all the specials you love, it’s the cutest thing.”

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Tweeps were however not feeling the new body. Some though, loved it. Here are some of the mixed reactions.

Unathi said it took her 10 years to finally be the shape she desired.

“Once in a while I post before and after pics as you request. It’s taken me ten years to be sort of stable in this new and permanent ME.

“BUT I have had to work for it. Everyday I have had to choose my dreams and that comes with work. Wanting to be happy has meant I have had to wake up and WORK on my happiness.

“What cripples us at times is the fact that we want to be happy BUT we put others before us. YOU CANNOT give what you do not have. So fill yourself up first before you give to others.

And to my friends who have my number, the ONLY number I have ever had…….I’m a phone call away. YOU know who you are with your ‘Unsta I need your help to get my body back!’ And you know I always say ‘Just call me and let’s get you on an eating plan. I’ll never make you go hungry and I’ll never make you eat tasteless food.’ Some people will psyche you out. CHOOSE YOU and KNOW that you are worth it.“


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