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Toxins & alcohol found in blood of Cape Town residents after suspected poisoning

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Preliminary investigations show high levels of toxins and alcohol in the blood of 6 Cape Town residents, who collapsed on Monday. The victims were found on different streets around the suburb of Wetton.

It’s believed they ate poisoned food. Eyewitnesses say the victims were given food from a bakkie travelling through the area.

A member of the local neighbourhood watch saw people lying at the side of the road.

According to neighbourhood watch Kashief Bassadien, “As I ran out I saw the gentleman with two guys standing on the side. Just laying there and doing nothing. I went and I checked on him and I asked him hey buddy are you alright? No response, I checked his pulse, his pulse was very weak I tried to wake him up and then he threw up.”

Four of the six patients have been discharged from the hospital.

Police say no arrests have been made and the case is still being investigated.

The City says once all the patients are well enough, they will be interviewed to determine exactly what they ate.


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