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Finance Ministry details R38 billion support package

Finance Minister Tito Mboweni gave a detailed breakdown of the R350 grant and how this will be extended till the end of the financial year next year.

President Ramaphosa has announced that unemployed child caregivers will also qualify for the grant.

“Social relief of distress grant of R350, this now going to be extended up the end of the financial year that means March 2022, and really this is meant to react to respond to the dire situation in which most of our people find themselves,” Mboweni said.

“If you drive around the country or walk around you are bound to see the extreme poverty in which our people live, therefore this R350 — no matter how small it is — it goes a long way into assisting our people.”

Source: eNCA

In other news – It ends in tears: Car wash worker crashes Client’s R1.3 million vehicle without permission – VIDEO

At the beginning of this year, an Italian soccer player learnt the hard way that you mustn’t just leave your car at the car wash with its keys.

Car wash worker crashes Client's R1.3 million vehicle without permission

Not long after the publication published that story, a South African man took to social media to advise motorists to be careful with their vehicles at car washes. In a video, the car owner who had his car tampered with advises Mzansi people to wash their own cars to avoid what he experienced. Learn More

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