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Paul Mashatile says SA will continue appealing to Sudan military rivals to end conflict

Deputy President Paul Mashatile said that South Africa, with the support of the African Union, would continue to appeal to Sudanese military rivals to end the ongoing conflict that has killed hundreds of people and has left scores more displaced.

Despite a ceasefire, explosions rocked the Sudanese capital of Khartoum on Tuesday on the fourth day of fighting that has claimed nearly 200 lives despite growing international calls for an end to hostilities that have spawned increasing lawlessness.

Speaking at the African Continental Free Trade Area business forum in Cape Town on Tuesday, Mashatile said that the deadly conflict was destabilizing the country.

“We are particularly concerned about the rising numbers of civilian loss of life, the destruction of private and public infrastructure, the likely humanitarian disaster that is likely to arise with the entrapment of civilians in their houses with no access to food and other basic necessities.”

Mashatile said that battles had also taken place throughout the vast northeast African country and there were fears of regional spillover of the conflict that has seen air strikes, artillery, and heavy gunfire.

“The fact that the guns are still firing should tell us that we should spare no effort in the quest for peace. Equally, what is concerning is the impact of the conflict on Sudan’s neighbours.”


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