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Fears of another pandemic as man catches strong STI from magosha

An Austrian man contracted drug-resistant super-gonorrhea after engaging in unprotected tlof tlof with a magosha in Cambodia.

The man, in his 50s, was on holiday when he slept with the magosha.

According to The Mirror, when he returned home five days later, he reportedly felt a burning pain while urinating and there was a discharge from his 4-5.

Tests determined he had a s.e.xually transmitted infection (STI) and was given antibiotics.

While his symptoms disappeared, he reportedly was still testing positive, meaning treatment had failed.

Doctors said this strain was “extensively drug-resistant” and warned that it could make gonorrhoea untreatable if it was allowed to spread.

Dr Sonja Pleininger of the Austrian Agency for Health and Food Safety, lead author of the report, said such strains “pose a major global public health threat”.

She said: “If such strains manage to establish a sustained transmission, many gonorrhoea cases might become untreatable.”

Authors also said new medications targeting the gonorrhoea bacteria or creation of a vaccine were crucial to curbing drug-resistant strains.

-daily sun

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