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Almost 400 000 new jobs pleasing, but staggering 7.8 million still jobless

The Quarterly Labour Force Survey (QLFS), released by Stats SA on November 14, showed that the unemployment rate dropped by 0.7 percent.

This amounts to nearly 400,000 new jobs.

However, this is far from enough, according to the trade union, UASA.

Spokesperson Abigail Moyo stated that more sustainable and efficient ways to reduce the unemployment rate are needed.

“Although the unemployment rate currently is 31.9 percent, a staggering 7,8 million individuals are still without jobs. South Africa continues to grapple with high unemployment levels, especially among young people, and a weak economy, making it challenging for ordinary citizens to lead a normal life.

Once again, we plead with the government, leaders, and stakeholders to look at proper investment strategies in some leading sectors, including mining, agriculture, manufacturing, and the private sector, to boost employment in our country,” said Moyo.

She went on to say that although employment has returned to pre-Covid levels, the greatest source of concern is the number of unemployed (4,5 million) young people.

“Young people are our country’s future, and if the government cannot create enough sustainable jobs for young people, they can at least provide funding for those venturing into business. What prospects do current students writing matric have in securing gainful employment?”

The UASA added that South Africans would fall further into poverty if the government does not take immediate action.

It also urged people to establish mini side hustles for extra money, and if they have rare talents to make them work.


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