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Actress Stephanie Ndlovu pregnant

Mr and Mrs Ndlovu have taken to social media to announce the good news to their fans and followers!

A light at the end of the tunnel emerges for The Ndlovus just a month after sharing their devastating story of how they suffered a miscarriage. The couple shared pictures of their maternity shoot, announcing that they are soon to be parents.

Taking to Instagram, the couple proves to be in awe over God’s grace as they shared their exciting baby news.

Stephanie Ndlovu shared a bible verse that speaks of how God always blesses a person at the right time. “And when the time is right, I The Lord will make it happen.”

Hungani Ndlovu captioned his pictures with, “God is the ultimate author!”


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Stephanie and Hungani have been married for three years and through their YouTube channel, The Ndlovus Uncut, they talk about how marriage is not a walk in the park. They shared how they almost thought of calling it quits but stuck together through it all.

“Though we are celebrating our second anniversary, it hasn’t been without challenges. But because we choose each other every single day, even when we feel like giving up, we don’t give up – that’s our encouragement.” said the mommy-to-be.

“To each and every single one of you guys, no matter what relationship you’re in, whether it’s romantic or a friendship – if it’s really worth it, keep working at it and treat each other well. Be intentional about how you love the person you claim you love and be kind to one another.”

One experience which has been particularly hard for them is the miscarriage they suffered.

Last month, they spoke about the devastating ordeal and how that experience traumatised them.

“We had a miscarriage. This was a story we wanted to tell so many times, not for views or ratings or anything but because so many women and couples go through miscarriages and it can often feel very lonely because we don’t talk about it enough, it doesn’t matter what stage of pregnancy it may have been, the loss is still felt and deeply so. Our hearts are with all those who have experienced any loss of pregnancy. All our love”

Stephanie said she found out when she was 8-weeks during her first visit to the doctor. “She did the scan and said ‘I’m sorry there’s no embryo.’ She diagnosed me and said it was a blighted ovum.”

This is said to be an embryo that doesn’t develop or stops developing during early pregnancy.

“My coping mechanism to any trauma is to just switch off,” said Stephanie.

But what was more traumatic was the cleaning procedure, “Having done this procedure was more traumatic to me, than finding out about the miscarriage,” she explained.

She continued by saying the whole procedure was very painful and would never wish it on her worst enemy.

Hungani on the other hand it was traumatising for him to watch his wife go through such a painful ordeal. “I just felt like I was useless.”

At some point, blood kept on gushing out and had to be rushed to the ER, “To be honest I thought I was dying.”


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