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#StateCaptureInquiry investigators struggling to get Bosasa documents from curators

The legal wrangling over the fight for the reversal of Bosasa’s liquidation and its conflict over curators has led to the postponement of the state capture commission.

Former Armscor CEO Kevin Wakeford was meant to cross-examine former Bosasa executives Angelo Agrizzi and Frans Voster on Wednesday.

But those plans were halted after the pair complained that they had no access to documents needed for their testimonies at the commission.

The state capture commission sat for less than an hour-and-a-half on Wednesday. Most of that time was spent on a submission made by evidence leader Paul Pretorius on the postponement application by Agrizzi and Voster.

The two men who testified that Wakeford was complicit in corrupt dealings at Bosasa said they needed the records which were under the close guard of Bosasa curators to back-up their evidence.

Even attempts by the commission’s investigators to obtain the documents were unsuccessful, as Pretorius explained.

“Part of the dispute between Agrizzi and Voster on the one hand and Mr Wakeford on the other relates to factual matters of the documentation. That Bosasa documentation is at present under the control of one or other curators who are in dispute as to who the rightful curator is.”

However, Wakeford’s lawyers were dissatisfied with the turn of events, saying Agrizzi and Voster were misrepresenting the facts.

They did nonetheless concede to the postponement.

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