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Spaza shop owner shocks Mzansi after buying R3 million Lamborghini from profits he saved since 2015

A Spaza shop owner called Gabriel has bought a Lamborghini worth approximately R3 million Rands from profits he saved since 2015. However, Mzansi does not believe a man can save up that much money just from owning a spaza shop and being involved in legal retailing.


The multi-million rand worth car makes people wonder if Gabriel is into other businesses. Others are happy and proud of Gabriel that he has done something he should be proud of as a black man and not worry about what people say.


Taking to Twitter Mzansi reacts in the comment section dropping comments like,

“I wish to congratulate him. But am not so sure this is attainable in the presented format. Five years profit from a ruck shop or spaza???”

“Never Underestimate a hustlers Ability!”

“Good at saving, not really when it comes to spending…. I’m not judging!!!”

“This wasn’t very wise but hey who am I to judge the man he can do whatever he wants after all it’s his money”

“Lol I think the spaza was selling some green stuff..”

“Gabriel is actually using the spaza as a front business real business is happening behind the walls”

“Let’s say it’s a second hand that model is nothing less that 2 million. Let’s just agree for argument’s sake though I think he bought it by more than 2mil but let’s say 2mil His spaza shop had to have a profit of 8 300 and above per week over 5 years in order to get to 2million”

Twitter reacts Twitter reacts Twitter reacts Twitter reacts

It is clear people cannot believe that Gabriel made all that money from his shop. Some think is in some shady deals or sells something else that can generate much money. With all the judging we can never really know his secret to making money but over a period of time with good business strategies can reach unimaginable heights.


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