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Things get ugly on case of Soweto man found with human body parts in fridge – Lawyer dumps him

The case against Flavio Hlabangwane has been postponed to Friday, 3 December.

Hlabangwane is facing a charge of murder after body parts of a woman were found stacked in the fridge where he was renting a room in Protea Glen, Soweto.

Looking down with partially closed eyes, Hlabangwane appeared in the Protea Magistrates Court on Tuesday, 30 November.

The matter was postponed because Hlabangwane’s lawyer, Gift Mncube, told the court that he was unable to proceed with the case as he hadn’t been paid.

The court previously heard that Hlabangwane (26) had attempted to commit suicide two times since his arrest a few weeks ago. An application was filed for him to undergo mental evaluation.

NPA spokeswoman Phindi Mjonondwane said: “The matter has been postponed for the accused to sort out his financial issues.

“The lawyer indicated that he hasn’t yet been paid.”

Mjonondwane said when the financial issues were sorted out, the court would hear the application for the accused to be admitted to a mental institution.

Meanwhile, outside the court, angry bystanders expressed their feelings.

“This man must rot in jail. He is a monster and can’t live among people,” one man said.

Another man said Hlabangwane wasn’t sick.

“He is faking it to avoid facing the law,” he said.

People dressed in EFF regalia were seen outside the courtroom united against gender-based violence.

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