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Screenshots: Huge number of South Africans threaten to kill themselves following Riky Rick’s death

There has been a notable increase in the number of people threatening to end their lives on Twitter lately – after the death of beloved rapper, Ricky Rick.

Could it be that they got their inspiration from the beloved rapper?

We are yet to find out.

Ricky Rick ended his life last week after posting a chilling message on his Twitter page.

“I’ll return a stronger man, this world is still my home,” the message read on his microblogging site.

Ricky Rick also left a suicide note for his wife and children where he addressed why he was leaving them.

“Dear Bianca

This pain is too much. I don’t want you to blame yourself for my life being unbearable. You gave me more love than I deserved. Live your life. Do not hide the light you have me every day…,” read parts of the long poetic letter from the late.

His death was pinned on severe depression and anxiety. It is alleged that he had been suffering from this for several years.

It is unfortunate that the publication has noted a regretful trend on social media following his death.

South African media users have been sending cryptic and suicidal posts similar to that of Ricky Rick.

Here are the Screenshots below as Ricky Rick’s death inspires a huge number of suicides in South Africa:

Twitter suicide threats Twitter suicide threats Twitter suicide threats Twitter suicide threats Twitter suicide threats

According to the South African Depression And Anxiety Group (SADAG), whenever one person takes his or her own life, ten people or more attempt to follow-suit in killing themselves.

The implications of this observation is that there are high chances a lot of people in Mzansi got suicide fever from Ricky Rick – especially considering his celebrity stature.

His death has inspired a huge number of South Africans to kill themselves.

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Bianca Naidoo and Riky Rick

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