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Sophie Ndaba shares secrets to her incredible weight loss

The former Generations star has lost a lot of weight and is looking slimmer and healthier. Famous actress and businesswoman Sophie Lichaba, formerly Ndaba, has gone through an impressive body transformation.

With Mzansi being one of the most obese countries in the world, Sophie is pleased she no longer contributes to that number. Her secret to all the weight loss is nothing fancy, just “hard work.”

“I think I’ve overworked on it,” she told the Fresh Breakfast team in a recent interview on Metro FM.

Sophie Ndaba


“But I’ve worked on it and you can never lose when you’ve lost so much weight, and I’ve really, really worked on it because I just wanted to be a new me, a new everything.

“I think, more importantly, just leading a healthy lifestyle because that’s the highlight of the struggles I had for many, many years.

Sophie Ndaba

“I was obese, and I think in South Africa obesity is not addressed,” she said.

The 46-year-old who has been married twice before, to actor Themba Ndaba and later to Pastor Keith Harrington, is preparing for her third dream wedding with businessman husband, Max Lichaba.

Sophie Ndaba


With the wedding just around the corner and her weight struggles being a thing of the past, Sophie could not be happier at the moment.

“I’m in a space where I’m happy, I feel lighter, I feel excited even when I go shopping I’m excited,” she said.

“Now it’s a new me, I’m excited, I’m eating healthier, I’m going to start teaching people how to start eating healthier, so this is just the beginning of the beginning,” she added.

Sophie Ndaba

The luxury of not having to worry about being overweight means Sophie can focus on her “nice life problems,” like finding the perfect venue for her big day.

However, given she is a wedding planner to note herself, it should be a piece of cake.

Source: Daily Sun

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