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Sony apologises for PlayStation 5 pre-order mess

PlayStation 5 gaming console

Sony Interactive Entertainment has issued an apology to gamers over the messy pre-order process for the PlayStation 5.

On September 16, the company announced the PS5’s release date and pre-orders last week during a showcase, while revealing that the first batch of pre-orders scheduled to go live the day after the showcase.


Unfortunately, a number of retailers jumped the gun and launched pre-orders almost immediately. According to The Verge, this led a scramble from other retailers randomly opening their pre-order slots as well, causing confusion for customers. All pre-orders that have been launched are currently sold out.

Sony has since taken to Twitter to address the pre-order situation while promising that more units will be made available soon. “Let’s be honest: PS5 preorders could have been a lot smoother. We truly apologize for that. Over the next few days, we will release more PS5 consoles for preorder – retailers will share more details,” it said.

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