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Lasizwe furious after being mocked for announcing the death of his father


Lasizwe has recently opened up about his depression and announced that he would be taking a social media break to help him deal with it. The social media break probably seems like a good idea as it is a much-needed one to help him regain his sanity. After yesterday’s episode where social media trolls came at him in full force, many of his followers encouraged him to have a minimal online presence.


Yesterday it was a sad day for the entertainer and his famous sister Khanyi Mbau who both announced the passing of their father Menzi Mcunu.

The comedian revealed the news through his Instagram stories and that he and his family discovered the news together, while they were still together on the trip in Cape Town. Thinking of that moment, Lasizwe went on to write that, “One of the best weekends with my siblings, and now this happens.


My last alive parent, my dad has passed on. I am numb and so confused! I am shattered!! first my mom now my dad! I don’t know how to feel!!! Like how does one say “ My parents are deceased! “ like I don’t have no parents no more. Like they dead!” he tweeted adding that he is numb. He also continued by adding, “Like I really just lost my dad! My last alive parent, just like that!!! I have no parents left! How? How God

Under the picture he shared with his father, were mean and unsavory comments from trolls who negatively commented about his sexuality.

“Some of y’all need prayers! I just lost my father for God damn sake!” reacted Lasizwe, to the homophobic comments and slurs that were thrown at him.


Lasizwe had just revealed that he was on a retreat this past weekend in Cape Town and checked himself into a psychiatric centre in the Western Cape to work on his mental health issues and depression. He later updated his followers that he had checked out from the centre following a short stint, he came out of the centre and continued to stay in the Western Cape. Khanyi Mbau posted pictures of her also relaxing in Cape Town which leads many to applaud her for helping her brother cope.

The YouTuber received some well wishes from followers after tweeting, “I’ve lost my true authentic self! I have become fake and plastic! The fame monster has gotten a hold of me! What you can do for me is to pray for me! Honestly please pray for me! It would really help.

“To everyone who sent me get well messages, Thank you so much! Your messages kept me warm during a dark phase in my life, I am still fighting a winning battle! Depression is real and deadly! I love you and appreciate you so much! I feel free,” he said.

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