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Son Kills Mother and Pokes her dead body for Money

Samuel Akpobome

A teenage boy was so desperate to get his hands on some money that he followed the advice of an evil sangoma and killed his own mum in her sleep. Even more horrific, he then had s.e.x with her corpse!

According to Punch, 18 year old Samuel Akpobome undertook these crazy acts following the instructions of an unnamed sangoma, who told him this was his ticket to riches.

Samuel Akpobome

Samuel Akpobome told Punch on Wednesday that he had strangled his mum, Christiana Ighoyivwi, while she slept in her bed on 29 October. He is currently in jail awaiting trial in Edo, southern Nigeria.

He is the youngest of Christiana’s kids. Samuel Akpobome said: “I wanted to use my mum for money rituals. She was sleeping when I strangled her at about 5am. I was advised by a native doctor in Oghara to kill her. After killing her, I slept with her. The native doctor told me to do so and keep her corpse for two days.

“My mother did not offend me. I killed her because of money.”

Instead of getting magical millions for his actions, Akpobome was instead bust by his gogo as he came out of his mum’s room.

“I could not find a place to keep the corpse. As I was coming out of her room, I did not know that my grandmother was sitting outside.

“When I opened the door, my grandmother saw the corpse inside the room and raised the alarm with the neighbours,” he said.

Samuel Akpobome was arrested soon after.