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Idols SA Judge Somizi Makes A Big Confession

Somizi took to Instagram to share one of his entertaining videos and today he addressed dental health. SomG, who is very conscious of his cleanliness revealed that brushing his teeth is not one of his least favourite daily hygienic routines.Somizi

“Hello! So I’ve just taken a bath. I haven’t moisturized my face. I’ve always wanted to ask this. Am I the only one – anyone who knows me would know that I’m very ‘cenjerbulated’ as far as my dental health is concerned. I’m very finicky with my mouth and I want to make sure that it smells good all the time. But, am I the only one who does everything – I look forward to taking a bath, I look forward to moisturizing my face.somizi00

“I look forward to doing my hair but this I do because I have to (Pointing at his toothbrush) am I the only one who is lazy or hates brushing their teeth but do it because they have to.” Said Mlhongo.

In other news – Actress Sophie Ndaba going through a rough patch, begs Mzansi for prayers

Since disclosing her diabetes diagnosis, veteran actress Sophie Ndaba has encountered a slew of public and private obstacles. Many fans remarked on her weight loss, with some even speculating that she was dead. The public had no idea of her struggles and the fact that she was going through a lot and was going through one of the most difficult periods of her life.

Sophie Ndaba

Ndaba opened up about her battle with depression to the public revealing that she lost weight at a period when she was in a terrible place. When she looked in the mirror, she said she didn’t even notice she was dropping weight quickly. However, Sophie Ndaba is currently fighting the disease. Learn more