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Watch: Somizi mocks Kurt Darren for butchering National Anthem

Somizi has joined the flood of reactions to Kurt Darren’s rendition of the national anthem at a Varsity Cup game this week, mocking the Afrikaans singer in a hilarious video.

Kurt became the butt of all jokes after he got several words wrong on the national anthem.

Some social media users were outraged that after 25 years of democracy, he still didn’t know the words.

While Kurt laughed off the incident and insisted that he had only got one or two things wrong, Somizi reached for his phone to record a video with his reaction.

In a video posted on Instagram, Somizi said that the anthem was not easy and then mimicked Kurt getting it all wrong.

He then jokingly butchered the Afrikaans part of the anthem.

On a serious note, the star said he was glad that Kurt had been “called to order”.

“I like how South Africans are calling him to order. It is not a black or white thing, it is a SA thing.”

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Source: TshisaLive

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