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Small Business Development minister Khumbudzo Ntshavheni rejects Clicks apology

Small Business Development Minister Khumbudzo Ntshavheni says the time to accept apologies on racism is over.

Ntshavheni rejected the apology made by Clicks management over the racist hair advert causing outrage in the country.

She says Clicks must remove the TRESemmé product from its shelves as an expression of their disassociation with suppliers who promote racist and insensitive marketing.

“Clicks misses the point that the offense is not only about the images that are insensitive but the fact that it represents the views of TTRESemmé that are racists and reflects the continued undermining of the beauty of African women and the violence they suffer when they are deemed not meeting certain superficial standards,” Ntshavheni said.


“Therefore to pull down the advert and issue a public apology cannot cut it.

The minister says apologies must be backed by action to build a non-racial and equal society.

“The time for South Africa to accept lip service apologies on racism and derogatory acts is over, but apologies must be backed by action to build a non-racial and equal society,” the minister stated.

“A non-racial and equal society can only be underpinned by an inclusive economy, which requires the empowerment of black, women and youth-owned businesses.

Several Clicks stores couldn’t open on Monday after protests by EFF members.

The red berets vow to continue their pickets until Friday if the company doesn’t name and shame those responsible.

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