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Man in trouble after sexxy slay queen Tokoloshe developed feelings for him

Two years ago Sizwe had the time of his life with a champagne drinking slay queen at a str!p club.

It seemed like a good idea at the time, but that one night of wild passion has led to a life of misery.

Sizwe will do anything to get rid of his slay queen tokoloshe!

Ever since that terrible night at the club, Sizwe Madondo (40) from Meadowlands has been haunted by a sexxy tokoloshe in a short skirt.

“It’s a slay queen tokoloshe. It demands money for champagne,” he said.

“It comes at night and terrorizes me. It pokes me and demands money.”

He and the slay queen had a good time at the club.

“We poked and I gave her a lot of money, but she developed feelings for me,” he said.

As he was leaving she took his number and contacted him, asking to meet again.

“I decided it wasn’t a good thing. When I didn’t go to meet her she said she’d teach me a lesson.

“She said I’d done a hit and run on her and would pay dearly for insulting her.

“I thought she was making empty threats, but I learnt the hard way.”

He started having dreams of people chasing him with pangas and a slay queen tokoloshe started visiting him.

“She wears a sexxy outfit. It’s a black mini skirt and red crop-top. She has dreads, big eyes, and luscious lips.

“She dances for me. Her dance moves are to die for. I can never resist and we always have steamy s.e.x.”

This had been happening for two years. All efforts to get rid of the tokoloshe failed.

“I went to the club where I’d met the slay queen. I was told she’d gone back to Swaziland. I don’t know what to do.

“I’m desperate. Nothing is going well in my life. I lost my job and women hate me. They leave me after just a month.”

Sangoma Ndlondlo Magwaza told Daily Sun he usually gets rid of tokoloshes easily, but this one is stubborn.

“I think the person who sent it must have really loved him very much,” he said.

He said he went as far as cleansing Sizwe with champagne, just like the champagne the tokoloshe loved, but it hasn’t worked.

Sizwe’s ex said: “Whenever it was time for poking he’d tell me he was tired.

“I didn’t want to share my man with a tokoloshe. I didn’t want that thing to start dealing with me.”

Sizwe hoped the lady could see the article.

“I’ll do anything to get rid of this nightmare. I’m ready to start a family if this tokoloshe would leave me alone.”

-Daily Sun

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