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Skolopad’s dance that has taken social media by storm: Video

Skolopad’s dance that has taken social media by storm: Video Popularly known as Lady in yellow after her controversial first appearance at the Metro awards last year. People didn’t know much about her and that was her breakthrough. She made everybody want to know more about her. That’s when she became popular, being compared with the likes of Zodwa Wabantu.

Since Mzansi met Skolopad in the yellow dress, she has kept her name alive with one nude snap or risqué pose after the other, but the entertainer says the bottom-line should always be about her talent.


Skolopad, who only recently started giving Mzansi a taste of her songs told TshisaLIVE that she was convinced her pro-n#dist views had overshadowed her talent because Mzansi didn’t understand her industry.

She recently made headlines after many people thought she wanted to commit suicide, but she later addressed the issue. In her reply, she said even though she wasn’t trying to kill herself, she can imagine how an overdose would look to the most important people in her life and said she couldn’t bring herself to talk to them because she’s afraid of looking like a failure to them.

Even though Skolopad is recovering after she overdosed on anti-anxiety pills, she’s struggling to speak about the incident to her mother and daughter.

“I wish they didn’t know because I know how it’s going to look for them. My mother hasn’t called and I am afraid to be the first to call. I don’t want to disappoint my baby or my mother, you know. That is my greatest fear, that I will disappoint them.”

But she has since moved on and she caused headlines again this weekend after her dance during one of her performances went viral on social media. Watch the video below and tell us what you think…

Source: Instagram/News365coza

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