Home Entertainment Rachel is letting Marothi dig his own grave #SkeemSaam

Rachel is letting Marothi dig his own grave #SkeemSaam


After trying and failing to successfully manipulate Marothi into giving her half of his estate, Rachel has now completely disappeared and no-one knows where she is. However, Skeem Saam fans think it’s all part of the plan to make Marothi dig and jump into his own grave.

Rachel Kunutu

Fans have watched with excitement as the toxic marriage between Marothi and his once-beloved dynamite reached a point of no return. First with Marothi’s infidelity and then with Rachel’s muti (love potion) failure and every idea and every scheme to try to get her hubby to sign over his estate to her. Now, Rachel has disappeared. Without warning anyone, she withdrew money from Marothi’s accounts and disappeared into thin air. Since then, Marothi has done nothing but lose his mind and incriminate himself.


Skeem Saam fans think that was Rachel’s plan all along and they almost choked on their own saliva as they watched Marothi unravel. When the poor guy started searching for Rachel in the washing machine and the fridge, Rachel’s fans couldn’t help but stan.

Check out the memes below:

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