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Marothi tells Rachel that their Marriage is over #SkeemSaam


Skeem Saam’s Tuesday night episode saw Marothi finally becoming fed up with Rachel’s attempts to save their marriage, and lets her know that it is officially over. Skeem Saam’s latest episode, which aired on SABC 1 on Tuesday, 19 May 2020, saw Rachel trying her best to find a loophole in her marriage contract, ahead of Marothi’s decision to file for divorce.


Understanding that the pre-nuptial agreement was binding, she attempted to make the best of the bad situation and work on fixing her marriage. After seeing her pack up their things for the new house, Marothi made it clear that their marriage is over, and he has no intention of moving with Rachel.

MarothiThe upcoming episode of Skeem Saam sees Rachel putting in place a plan of getting something out of her collapsing marriage. With the DC fast approaching, all affected parties get their stories straight regarding the disastrous school trip whilst Celia deals with the consequences of kicking Alfred out.

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