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Scandal actress Sive Mabuya reveals her Celeb crush

Who told you our favourite local celebrities have no crushes? This surely tells us that they are just ordinary people like us who have feelings and need love. Scandal actress Sive Mabuya is one of the hottest actresses on television right now and often made a woman crush at any given Wednesday by many of her fans on social media.

Sive Mabuya

But just like us normal people, Sive also has a celebrity crush and not too shy to reveal his name. The actress responded to a tweet over the weekend asking followers to spell their crush’s name backwards.

Sive Mabuya

Sive responded tweeting, “ECNERWAL” which is Lawrence spelt backwards. Well, according to public knowledge, they are both single so this can be a real-life thing if they are both down. We’re rooting for you two, just so you know.

Sive Mabuya

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They were one of South Africa’s power couples, but it all fell apart in a terrible divorce. The news of Sbu Mpisane and Shauwn Mkhize’s divorce became public knowledge back in 2018.

Shauwn Mkhize and Sbu Mpisane

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