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Siv Ngesi’s mom angry that he fought gun-wielding thieves

Siv Ngesi

The TV personality told TshisaLIVE that he was “doing great” since the incident and was grateful nobody was seriously harmed. Siv Ngesi’s mom was furious after she learnt that he fought criminals for his cellphone when he and a few friends were held at gunpoint in the Joburg CBD on Tuesday.

Siv Ngesi

Siv and his friends were at a red robot when they were approached by thieves with guns.  He said that two of his friends handed over their cellphones while the driver was hit over the head with a gun during the incident.

Siv said that when robbers asked for his cell phone he decided to fight for it. “Apart from all the information that is stored on my phone, I realised that if we give them everything then there’s nothing left to give them, so I was stalling.”

He explained that growing up in Gugulethu in Cape Town, where he said the crime was a daily occurrence, he learnt to remain calm in such situations. Siv said that when his mom heard how he handled the situation she was “very upset”.

“My mother was very upset but wasn’t surprised because when I was a kid, she told me that during a mugging, I pushed a robber to defend her.”

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