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Singer Juliet Harding fighting to make breast reduction surgery affordable in Mzansi

GoodLuck’s frontwoman Juliet Harding opened up on her victory in surgery this week after her months-long mission to get medical aid to recognise breast reduction surgery as an essential procedure.

The singer shared her journey of fighting for access to women’s health. This after she learnt that the cost her much-needed breast-reduction surgery would not be covered by her medical aid because it categorised it as cosmetic surgery.

“A few months ago I made a post about my breast reduction surgery and how disappointing it was to learn that even though I was in large amounts of pain, my medical aid would not cover the cost of the surgery as it was considered ‘cosmetic’,” she said.

Juliet Harding

Though leading ladies like Dolly Parton and Pamela Anderson are known for being pro-big breasts, big breasts can cause some severe medical problems for other women. According to Healthline, large breasts can cause severe neck, shoulders and back pain. Juliet explained that her initial post went viral, as women shared their harrowing testimonies.

I heard stories from women who had bleeding shoulders from their bra straps cutting into their skin to mothers whose 16-year-old daughters were so self-conscious of their large breasts that they wouldn’t let anyone take a photograph of them,” wrote Juliet.

The star said she took the stories with her to different medical aids to fight her case and, during her journey, she has learnt quite a lot of things which she feels need immediate redress by medical aid schemes.

“I learnt that the Council for Medical Schemes has excluded a bunch of procedures from the list of mandatory inclusions since they do not pertain to both men and woman. Crazy, since our bodies are completely different!”

Juliet said she got to meet a senior executive from Momentum and hopes a positive policy change will follow.

“I was super proud to have had a very positive outcome from the meeting with Momentum as they promised to have their policies reviewed in their annual cycle in September,” she said.

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