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Simz Ngema cries for help: Guys!!! White socks keep on photo bombing my pics

Simz Ngema cries for help: Guys!!! White socks keep on photo bombing my pics. If you didn’t know who White Socks is then you are about to know now. As we all know many of our celebrities have pets that they keep, and Simz is one of those celebs who love to keep pets. So White Socks is her dog’s name which she keeps as her pet.

So she was complaining that her pet always photobombs her pictures, whenever she takes pictures. Just like the latest photoshoot she had in a stunning red number that has caused chaos on social media. Check the pictures below…

Simz Ngema

She is a unique human being in her own way and the way she just shines is unbelievable. Simz is one of the most loved and talented actresses we have in Mzansi.

Simz NgemaWe love her and she loves us too And we are joining her in celebrating her life and the fun moments she has had so far.

Simz Ngema

This is how the actress Simz Ngema described herself as on her Instagram account sometime back: She is confident and shy. She is strong and gentle. She is stubborn but polite.

Simz NgemaShe is loud and quiet (that depends on who she’s with). She’s the life of the party and the girl who can just sit quietly in a room full of people. Sometimes she likes make-up and other times she doesn’t.

Simz Ngema

Guys!!! White socks don’t want me to be great he is in every photo. Looking good still our fav star…