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Simphiwe Dana in hot water for releasing an Abuser from Prison

Simphiwe Dana

Simphiwe Dana has landed in hot water once again. She had to defend herself from accusations were she was said to have used her connections to have an abuser released from prison.

Simphiwe Dana

The musician has been very vocal about women abuse and femicide all over her social media and has talked about how she was also a victim.

“He held my throat in his hand. Spat in my face and told me he could kill me and get away with it. He did that,” she recalls. A woman outed Simphiwe for releasing a man by the name of Mohau from a Kenyan prison who she later found out he had abused her little sister’s friend.

Simphiwe Dana

Simphiwe claims to have been asked by her sister to help Mohau out as his passport was confiscated.

“I jumped and thought how I could be of help. I helped out.
The very next morning I read Malatji’s tweets about his experience of the whole debacle that put Mohau in jail. I was shocked and saddened at how I helped someone who abused a woman get out of jail,” she tweeted.

Simphiwe Dana

Not fully aware of what had transpired, she contacted the woman who had been abused and she confirmed the news to be true.

“After my sister and I spoke with her, I outed Mohau for what he did to her, on Twitter. Later the woman who was abused and Mohau, released a joint statement calling me a liar. I don’t blame her as I know the psychology of abuse,” she said.

The events happened in 2018 and Simphiwe went on to speak about it on social media, saying how she is regretful of helping the man out.

Simphiwe Dana talking about how she regrets helping an abuser Simphiwe is now labelled an enabler as more stories seem to emerge about her sweeping abuse claims under the rug.

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