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Here are 7 signs that prove you are not the only woman in his life

signs that prove you are not the only woman in his life
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Everyone probably loves exclusivity in relationships but sometimes, it never work out the way you want. Either way, no one wants to be with a lying, cheating partner but you never know with these things.

Most men are quite smart about keeping several women in their lives, so it’s hard to tell if you are the only one, the main girl, aside girl, or just one of the others.

It can be unnerving trying to figure out whether there are other women in the picture. If you are seeing these signs in the man you are with, you are probably not the only one.

1. Never lets his phone out of his sight
He can’t afford to keep his phone out of his sight when you are around. Then he is definitely seeing someone else or doing something downright fishy. Whatever the case may be, you should be on your guard.

2. No surprise visits allowed
He resents you springing surprises on him like dropping by his house without prior notice. Be wary if he says he has roommates or he feels like his place isn’t nice enough for you. When they become too frequent, it has become a cause for concern.

3. Chooses when to take your calls
If he does not take calls at certain times and you are sure it’s not work-related, then he comes around and gives you a milliard of excuses, there is probably someone else.

4. Avoids taking you to certain places
There might be a problem if he avoids taking you to particular places or if he even avoids being seen with you in public.

5. Allows you to introduce yourself
You go out for an event/function and instead of him introducing you as his girl, he allows you to do it by yourself. May not want to mix up your name accidentally. Be on the alert!

6. Never met his Family and friends
You both have been together for a while and you are yet to meet his family or friends. You don’t know the people he spends his time with when he is not around you. This is probably because there are other women.

7. Always introduces you as a friend
If you are talking and very close to being official and he still refers to you as a friend, you should evaluate what you have with him.

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