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Heartbroken woman shrinks boyfriend’s big pen!s after being dumped, ladies now run away from him

Man crying

For 11 months he cheated on his girlfriend until he broke up with her – and now he’s paying a big price with his shrinking 4-5!

A 37-year-old from Rockville, Soweto told the publication he couldn’t keep the secret anymore.

“We started arguing every day. I told her there’s someone else and I couldn’t continue with our relationship anymore,” he said.

“She was furious.”

The man said she packed her things and went back home in December.

“She told me I’ll regret the day I met her and she’ll make sure that no woman will ever be satisfied by me,” he said.

He said there was nothing he could do to stop his 4-5 from getting smaller.

“Women are running away from me!”

He regrets dumping his ex and wishes he could turn back time.

He said at the time of the break-up, he thought she was just bitter.

But a week later he noticed his 4-5 was smaller.

“I went to a sangoma who told me there’s a woman who’s very angry and used powerful muthi to shrink my 4-5.”

He said the sangoma did some things and told him that it won’t shrink any further.

“But my 4-5 still shrinks!”

He’s spent R1 300 on izangoma without success and his new woman has left him.

The publication spoke to the man’s brother.

The brother said his sibling has lost his confidence.

“We really need help for him and if his ex sees this story, she must reverse this curse,” he said.

Sangoma Joseph Dungamanzi said he’s never dealt with this kind of a problem, but he threw bones and confirmed that this was indeed done by an angry ex-girlfriend.

He said the man will have to find the woman and ask for forgiveness because getting rid of this was going to be difficult.

-daily sun

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