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Shona and Connie Ferguson on keeping love alive: Pictures

Connie Ferguson

Mzansi’s power couple Connie and Shona Ferguson restore hope in the belief that true love does exist
Connie and Shona who have been married for 15 years are still clearly as smitten with each other as the first day they met. They have been dubbed SA’s power couple not only because of the bond they share at home but also because of the amazing team they make as film producers.

Connie and Shona have two beautiful children, and most recently became grandparents when their eldest daughter, Lesedi gave birth to a baby boy.

Despite the many hats they wear as individuals Connie and Shona always make time to nurture their love for each other.

Just watching these two gives us serious relationship envy! Here’s a glimpse into their epic love story….

Connie Ferguson


Our number one priority is family. Everything else comes second. With this in mind we make it work,” Connie said

Connie FergusonConnie and Shona renewing their vows

Connie FergusonThey are just too Adorable and lovely together

Connie Ferguson


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