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I eat my partner’s @sshole – Mihlali Ndamase reveals shocking secrets about her S.e.x life

There is no any other fun place than the streets of Twitter where you encounter all sorts of activities each and every second, minute, and hour, with Tweeps expressing what they feel like saying. Really it is a busy and free platform and people are not shy to share their thoughts pertaining to a certain subject.

Mihlali Ndamase

Recently our favourite celeb, award-winning content creator and Youtuber, Mihlali Ndamase made some shocking revelations about what she does during an s.e.xual intercourse which left a lot of peoples’ tongues wagging. It all started when one tweep shared an art post showing intimacy and captioned, ‘I can’t wait to do this to someone’s child’.

This drew Mihlali’s attention who went on to respond and said, ‘Lmao why do men hate this vele?’.

After she asked the question, obviously which needed an answer, instead a fellow tweep replied with another question asking her if she does this to a man.

When the streets thought it was all over, little did they know Miss Ndamase was launching a bomb. She eventually struck and responded to the question admitting she does do that, and even goes the extra mile to eat it. ‘Ak’khonto end’ngayenziyo m’na, nditya nempundu’, she wrote. Which simply means ‘there is nothing I cannot do, I even eat the @ss’,

What? Who would have thought Mihlali can say such nasty talks?

Source: News365, Twitter

In other news – Fake eNCA platform reports fake news Menzi Ngubane is dead

Just moments after Menzi Ngubane released a statement saying he was recovering, fake death reports started spreading via a fake ENCA site.

Menzi Ngubane

The actor, who is very much alive, responded to the news on twitter asking for help to stop the “barbaric behaviour”. This is not the first time that he has been declared dead by social media. continue reading

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