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HUGE BLOW: Sweet magosha in serious poverty after dead twin sister chases away her happy clients

Getting a job has not been easy for this woman, so she decided to become a magosha. She enjoyed being a magosha for four years until her twin sister found out what she did for a living and asked her to stop.

The 36-year-old, who calls herself Hot Plate, did not stop.

Sadly, she now believes her late twin sister is killing her business from the grave.

Hot Plate from Joburg told the publication that her sister died last June, after finding out about her job three months earlier.

“I had forgotten my phone at home and only realized when I was in the CBD. I asked three people to request a ride for me, but they didn’t have the App,” she said.

Hot Plate then called her sister and told her to request for her.

She had no data, so Hot Plate told her to use her phone.

“My sister was nosy, but I was really hoping she would not go through my phone. But she did.

“She saw messages and pictures between me and my clients, as well as everything that was not meant for her eyes,” she said.

Hot Plate said her sister was furious and told her to stop.

“It was easy for her to tell me to stop while she had a job and boyfriend who did everything for her. For that reason, I continued being a magosha.”

Three months later, her sister died in a car accident.

“I was devastated and stopped working for two months. But, my clients ran away from me when it was time to go back.”

She said at first, she thought it was because she had not been working.

But this continued even after she told everyone she was back.

“Months went by and I only had two customers a month.

“That was very bad because I usually made at least R8 000 on my bad months,” she said.

Hot Plate is convinced her sister is stopping her business because she has dreamt about her several times, telling her to change her ways.

“At first I thought it was the guilt of doing something she hated. But, I can’t keep dreaming about the same thing over and over. It was her blocking my business,” said Hot Plate.

One of her colleagues told Daily Sun that she laughed when she told her that her dead twin was stopping her from working.

But she realized this might be true when Hot Plate lost clients.

“She makes the most money, so this was shocking. I hope she finds help because it’s hard to find a job. She has kids and a mum who needs her help,” she said.

Sangoma Joseph Dungamanzi said Hot Plate’s sister was, indeed, the one blocking her.

He said no sangoma would help her, and she needed to help herself.

“She needs to visit her sister’s grave and plead with her for a better job. She won’t allow her to be a magosha, but she will give her luck to find a better job.”

Dungamanzi said this shouldn’t be a once-off visit – Hot Plate has to constantly go to her sister’s grave to talk to her and eventually things will get better.

-daily sun

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