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Even if it’s R100: Zahara begs for serious help

This is not the first time, but it appears Zahara is once again on the verge of losing her house. But this time she is reaching out to anyone who is willing to help.

Even if it’s as little as R100. I’m open for help from anyone!” she pleaded.

A few weeks back, Zahara’s awards were allegedly stolen from her home and now her house is in jeopardy.

Thabo Jama from Tarlton in Mogale City, who recorded Shapapala and Thandaza with Zahara, told the publication they have become good friends since working together and he wants to help his friend.

“I’ve got designer clothes, some that I’ve only worn once. I’ve already started to approach people who own clothing stores to buy these clothes,” he said.

“I met Zahara a few months ago when I invited her to be on my YouTube show. We had a good chat after the interview and I told her I wanted to become a musician. She offered to help me.

We recorded two songs together and we became good friends.”

He said Zahara welcomed everyone to her home.

“When you’re at her house, you don’t feel like a visitor. You feel like you belong there. She deserves all the help she can get,” he said.

“When I wanted to get into music, I approached a lot of people and they all charged me to feature them.

“But Zahara believed in me when no one else did and that’s why I want to help her.”

He said a famous artist like Zahara usually charges a lot of money for a feature but she offered to help him for free.

“She was there when I needed her and I want to be there for her,” he said.

Thabo said he has spoken to Zahara and she thanked him.

“I told her I saw the news and I would like to help her and she thanked me. She said I have a big heart and she is grateful to have a friend like me,” he said.

Zahara told the publication Thabo tried calling her but she couldn’t take his calls.

“We hadn’t spoken extensively about what he wants to do for me. I really appreciate his help,” she said.

She said anybody who is prepared to help can call her on 067 037 1750 and she will let them know how and where they can send donations.

-daily sun

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