Inside wedding of ex-Bafana Bafana coach Serame Letsoaka and his side chick (Photos) – Drama breaks out

Serame Letsoaka’s isithembu marriage has opened a can of worms from his family and friends.

Close relatives of the former Bafana Bafana caretaker coach are up in arms after this weekend’s marriage to his second wife.

It’s claimed Letsoaka told everyone he was away in Zurich on business!

Following SunSport’s digital report on Monday, all hell broke loose as some relatives claim to have been unaware of the isithembu marriage, while others are raising concerns about the polygamous affair.

Letsoaka admitted to the People’s Paper this week that he has indeed taken a second wife, whom he allegedly has a six-year-old child with out of wedlock.

His extended family is accusing him of being insensitive by having a marriage celebration in the same weekend when his mother-in-law, from the first wife, was being buried.

The second wife’s wedding ceremony kicked off in Soweto on Friday, Heritage Day, before proceeding to the Free State.

In fact, according those close to both families who spoke on condition of anonymity, Letsoaka was economical with the truth when he told his immediate family that he was going to attend an important Fifa meeting in Zurich, Switzerland, “clearly knowing he was getting married”.

The former Botswana national team technical director works for Fifa as technical consultant for football development in the south and east African regions.

But another relative said Letsoaka has embarrassed them, and his second marriage doesn’t hold water as “he is in a civil marriage”.

“He is in a civil marriage, so his second marriage is null and void,” said the family member.

“None of us knew a thing. He said he was in Zurich for work. The house in which he had the wedding was built by a family and with his (first) wife’s money.

Serame Letsoaka

“The house in which his baby mother lives was paid for by his first wife’s money. I understand his wife has been asking him for divorce and he refused.”

The family claimed Letsoaka, who took the SA Under-20 team to the Youth Fifa World Cup quarter-final in 2009 where they lost to eventual winners Ghana in Egypt, has been living a lie.

“The lady whom he married is younger than his first daughter,” claimed another family member.

“He acts like he is a good person in public. Always advising youngsters, but he is this kind of a man.

“He tried to kick all the cousins out of the house and now we wonder why.

“As the former Safa technical director, is this the man who is meant to be nurturing?”

Another source told Daily Sun that the first wife’s gogo lived with them for over a year, and Letsoaka used to collect her medication sometimes.

Said the source: “And yet he went and got married without consulting or asking anyone.

“If the marriage is OK, why was it hidden?

“Some of his own relatives refused to attend… Why, if there is nothing wrong?

“He cheated and had a child with the lady a few years ago. So he is not bewitched. He is just doing what he wants.”

However, Letsoaka Daily Sun there was nothing sinister about taking a second wife.

“If someone is having isithembu, why do you want to make a mess out of it?” said former Free State Stars coach.

“This is destroying my reputation. I know what I am doing.

“Leave this to me to deal with it, and I am done with this conversation.

“Where is the sense of ubuntu? I’m not going to comment any further.”



A civil marriage is a marriage performed, recorded and recognised by a government official, and is performed by a religious body.

A customary marriage is concluded in accordance with customary law and it means the customs and usages traditionally observed among the indigenous African peoples of South Africa, which form part of the culture of those people.

-daily sun

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