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Actress Nomalanga Shozi shares what she wants in a Relationship – I won’t settle for less

Tv host and actress Nomalanga Shozi doesn’t want to be taken for granted in a relationship. The TV presenter from Durban in KZN shared how she would like her love life to be. This was after someone told her she’s single because she’s not a chilled hun.

The actress, who is popularly known as Nomalanga on’s Rhythm City, shared a series of tweets explaining why she doesn’t want a partner with no ambition.

Nomalanga Shozi

Her tweet read: “Someone said maybe I’m single because ‘I’m not a chilled hun’. At the time I was really hurt, because I know I’m not mean or fussy, so what does not being a ‘chilled hun’ mean? I’m so down to earth and chilled, in my opinion.”

“Well, I’ve done some introspecting; I’ve watched myself, I’ve listened to myself. Truth is, I’m deffs not what a ‘chilled hun’ is according to many people. I will not settle, I won’t accept anything less than I deserve & I deffs won’t shrink myself or lower my self-respect just,” she tweeted.

Nomalanga Shozi

She added: “For love and affection or attention. I’ve seen girls literally put themselves in the backseat just so they can be regarded as a ‘cool girl’ or a girl that’s ‘not stressful’ … bro, I’m like off with that. No respect? I’m OUT. No ambition or drive or vision? Deuces!”

She said she rather be single than be played by men.

Nomalanga Shozi

Many of her followers could relate to her tweets and supported her on how men don’t know what they want in relationships.

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Source: Daily Sun