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Sello Maake kaNcube says Mbongeni Ngema was on path to clean his name before death

Veteran actor Sello Maake kaNcube said musician and playwright Mbongeni Ngema was on a path toward redeeming his name before his passing.

The Sarafina! creator died in a car crash on his way back from a funeral in Eastern Cape on Wednesday.

While Ngema was remembered for creating the internationally recognized Sarafina! film, a cloud of controversy also hung over his name.

Though some people might have sung along to Ngema’s music, and some might have also shed a tear while watching some of his films, some had completely different experiences with the man.

Sello Maake KaNcube

Both his ex-wives, Xoliswa Nduneni Ngema and Leleti Khumalo, accused Ngema of abuse during their marriages.

Maake kaNcube, who described Ngema as a gift to the arts fraternity, said the musician recognised his mistakes and committed to renewing his brand.

“I’ve had conversations with him, and he had so much that he was looking forward to doing. He had hopes of the opportunity to do all those things that he wanted to do and really cleaning up his name, so to speak as well.”

Maake kaNcube said Ngema was one of the people who helped him launch his acting career in a political play he co-wrote in 1981, Woza Albert.


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