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Fired top cop Jeremy Vearey slams SAPS for security protection downgrade

Axed Western Cape Head of Detectives Jeremy Vearey has slammed what he has described as his security protection downgrade.

This week, the Western Cape High Court ordered that Vearey’s police protection be reinstated with immediate effect following security threats.

The court also instructed that where Vearey was required to attend court proceedings for the purpose of testifying, and for any necessary travel, four officers must be provided to him by prior arrangement.

The former head of detectives said this order has not been adhered to as he has been provided with limited resources.

The axed top cop said only two officers pitched for duty on Friday with one vehicle. He’s called it a downgrade as he was previously provided with a four-member escort team in two vehicles.

He was also told that he could not be transported in that one vehicle but only escorted.

Vearey was informed by one of the officials that they weren’t briefed to guard him for 24 hours but would work normal shift hours and leave thereafter.

The former high-ranking police head said the downgrade of security detail is in direct contravention of the Western Cape High Court’s order.

He said he would remain in hiding with his family until he receives the necessary protection. Vearey’s instructed his attorneys to challenge the matter in court, and write to the SAPS.

A contempt of court report will also be yielded.

Vearey was dismissed in May after he was found guilty of misconduct and bringing the S-A-P-S into disrepute.


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