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Bonang introduced AKA into drugs – Radio & TV star Scoop Makhathini under fire for exposing the rapper’s ex-girlfriend

Tweeps are not happy with the radio and TV personality Siyabonga Ngwekazi popularly known as Scoop Makhathini. A podcast host claims that Scoop said AKA is abusing drugs and that he was introduced to drugs by his ex-girlfriend Bonang Matheba.

The podcast host Rea said: “Scoop told us that AKA is on coke and Bonang is the one that got him into Cocaine, Scoop told us that after the interview we had him right here at this place…so we know that AKA is into hard drugs.”

Following these accusations, tweeps dragged Scoop, many saying that he is not a real friend. @dumisane wrote: “I feel sorry for people who call Scoop Makhathini their friend on a personal level. That man smiled with Kiernan on the braai show just to later tell some struggling podcasts that he is on drugs.”

In the statement released by AKA today, he said some people that he trusted with his deepest troubles are now using those troubles against him.

“It is a sad day when I find myself having to speak to the nature of my relationship with Anele. What makes it even sadder is the knowledge that some of the people are she and I loved and entrusted with our deepest troubles are now using those weapons to set a negative narrative on my character.

“I am a passionate and emotional person. what I will not do and stand for is watching people attempt to disparage my name and importantly, Anele’s character to suit a narrative we both never signed up for,” the statement read.

He said he took every word that was said at his late fiancé’s funeral.

“As numb as I was at Anele’s funeral I took every word imparted, the direct ones and all those filled with innuendos. I will not be a part of speaking on exposing our troubles as a couple to defend myself from one-sided views that are portrayed out of their full context every story has two sides and so does every video, image, and message.”

He also added that: “I own up to my past and current traumas and thus I have submitted myself to psychological and spiritual counseling for my own benefit and growth

“I hope everyone affected by Anele’s traumatic passing does the same for themselves, individually and collectively, so that they may all afford her spirit the rest she deserves and come to terms with the choice she made that fateful morning of 11 April.”


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