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Parents in Rustenburg protest over school placements

Parents in Rustenburg in the North West are protesting against the schools their children have been assigned. One parent said the children are not safe.

“The place itself is not safe for children. Some have been raped from that place. It’s not safe,” the parent said.
What they’ve done is that they decided to take our children to another far place. There is no protection for our children there. There will be a possible solution, let them provide some containers, let them put temporary containers so that our children will not miss classes,” another parent said.
When asked how many years the problem has persisted for, one parent said since 2014.

“It started with the first councillor, his term ended in 2016. Another councillor was promising the same thing. Even now because we have a new councillor, maybe he can do something if we push him and that’s what we are going to do.

Source: eNCA

In other news – Ayanda Borotho has warned her followers not to fall prey to scammers

Actress Ayanda Borotho has warned her followers not to fall prey to scammers who are out to make a quick buck using her name.

Ayanda Borotho

She shared a picture on her Instagram revealing the multiple fake accounts, and told fans she is not on TikTok nor can she perform a miracle to give people a platform to make 80k a week. Learn more

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