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Scandals Mangi scores a new political TV role, but will he get the land back?

Kagiso Modupe

Kagiso will play the role of an internet cafe owner and community leader in an informal settlement that is suddenly forcefully removed.

He may have left a trail of broken hearts when he packed up his things and headed out the door of popular soapieScandal! but fans of actor Kagiso Modupe will soon see him grace their screens again in e.tv’s upcoming political drama Ambitions.

The series is told from the view of an investigative journalist (played by Zikhona Bali) who is unearthing the issues around the community and their displacement.

It also stars Thulani Khubeka, Nokhuthula Ledwaba, Yonda Thomas, Luzuko Nteleko, Sephuma and Mary Twala. Kagiso told TshisaLIVE that he was drawn to the story because of its “real themes” and was not scared of taking on a political role.

“It was something different to what I have played before and going forward, I would like to play these kind of roles more. I think it is important because of the political dialogue going in the country.”

He said that people were talking about land expropriation without compensation but needed to realise it may not be the fairy tale ending everyone is expecting.

“People are fighting for land but we also need to be aware that when people do get the land it is not going to be smooth and shared among everyone like what is being promised. This show also shows that the political world is a dirty world. Sometimes it is not about the people but the people being used to send a statement.”

Kagiso isn’t about to give up acting for politics but said that if he had to start a “celeb political party” he would have at least these two actresses in his corner.

Khanyi Mbau

Khanyi Mbau

“She is really street smart but also intelligent. I think she can handle herself in the boardroom. She will identify with the people but also push us forward as a party.”

Zola Nombona

“She looks feisty and she tells it like it is. She is also street smart which is a positive.”

Ambitions premiere on July 1 at 9PM on eExtra on Openview HD (Channel 105) and DStv (Channel 195).

Source: Times Live