Home Entertainment Roy sends Cleo packing and now Twitter is a mess #TheQueenMzansi

Roy sends Cleo packing and now Twitter is a mess #TheQueenMzansi

Remember how Roy has been cheating on Cleo with Mamiki, which lead to Cleo whooping Mamiki’s A$$?

It seems Roy and Cleo’s relationship has more issues than a magazine, with the latest edition all about how the man kicked Cleo out of the house and he being booted from his job.

We know, Issa mess!Well  Cleo may have dodged the law for a short while but she was given her marching orders by Roy.

Little did dude know that karma can bite bloody back hard, and soon he was on the unemployment line after Jerry fired him from the restaurant.

The internet went crazy in reaction to the drama unfolding on screens, and soon filled the Twitter streets with memes about Roy and his toxic relationship with Cleo.



The only thing that could distract them was obvs Petronella and her leadership.


Source: Times Live