Ntsiki Mazwai on her love-hate relationship with DJ Sbu’s Mofaya

Ntsiki Mazwai has shared her concerns over DJ Sbu not using his “gift” properly, and questioned why he was heading towards producing alcohol under his successful Mofaya brand.

Ntsiki always makes it clear that she’s pro-black excellence and she’s never held back giving praise where she thinks it’s necessary but in DJ Sbu’s case the poet has a love-hate relationship with his brand, Mofaya.

DJ Sbu


The poet explained that she was disappointed that DJ Sbu would use his “marketing genius” skills to make the nation “drunk”.

“What a waste of a marketing genius to make the nation drunk. Why can’t you use your gift Dj Sbu?” she asked.

Ntsiki has previously explained why she is anti-booze. She said that it was one of the leading causes of most social ills in Mzansi and the world.

DJ Sbu, whose hustle and business skills have inspired many young people, has made Mofaya a force to be reckoned with.

The entrepreneur has hogged headlines for selling his drink in the most unorthodox ways. There’s no denying that he’s after his guap and is always looking to empower other people.


The DJ has always had plans to make Mofaya more than just the energy drink and after being tagged in one of Ntsiki’s tweets, he responded by saying both the alcohol and energy drinks formed part of his product offering.


He said that Mofaya sugar free, mineral spring and still water are all “coming soon”.


Ntsiki has always been rooting for DJ Sbu’s success as a young black man making major money moves but also hasn’t been shy to drag him in the past.

Source: Timeslive