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Black Coffee and Sarah Langa’s relationship – The real truth

South African influencer, Sarah Langa is one of the most popular bloggers in South Africa who have solidified their mark in the travel and fashion niche.

Black Coffee on the other hand is one of the most popular and successful deejays and producers in South Africa with prestigious awards to his name including a Grammy award.

While Sarah Langa and Black Coffee are on different career paths, both are big names in the entertainment industry and might have crossed paths a few times and in addition to that, they are both divorcees- not that it’s very important information.

A few months ago, rumour had it that Sarah Langa and Black Coffee were a couple. The rumour quickly spread like wildfire and in no time, Mzansi believed that the two were a couple.

So what exactly happened between Sarah Langa and Black Coffee and what sparked their dating rumour? Here is everything you need to know.

Sarah Langa and Black Coffee’s alleged relationship

DJ Black Coffee and Sarah Langa

Rumours that Sarah Langa and Black Coffee were dating emerged after the two entertainment personalities were spotted in the same place at the same time.

In May 2021, Black Coffee happened to be performing in Miami, US. Sarah Langa and her bestie- Kefilwe Mabote were vacationing in Mexico when Langa decided to take a detour to Miami where Black Coffee was performing. This coincidence did not escape the eyes of sharp social media police who are always looking for evidence and they ultimately drew their conclusion.

Before the Miami coincidence, the award-winning deejay and the beautiful influencer had been reportedly spotted together in Cape Town.

While Black Coffee chose to ignore the dating rumours, Sarah Langa denied being in a relationship saying that her divorce had broken her and that she was working on healing and picking herself up again.

Sarah Langa’s boyfriend

Sarah Langa

Sarah Langa has been involved with several prominent men over the years. She reportedly dated rapper Ntokozo Mdluli, aka K.O for at least five years before they broke up.

She went on to date a wealthy businessman called Jehan Mackay and despite having major differences in beliefs, (Langa was raised as a Christian while Jehan is a Muslim) the pair got married.

In 2016, Sarah Langa and her beau- Jehan got married in two lavish wedding ceremonies. Langa was only 23 years old at the time.

After two years and ten months of marriage, Sarah Langa and her then-husband separated and later got divorced. The beautiful influencer blamed her obsession with her work for her failed marriage.

Although it is widely believed that there is a new man in Sarah Langa’s life who has even been attributed to the socialite’s relocation to London, the identity of this new man has not been revealed yet.

Who is Black Coffee dating?

Black Coffee

As of July 2022, all sources indicate that Black Coffee is a single man and one of the most eligible bachelors in South Africa.

The internationally-acclaimed deejay has, however, not always been single. He was married to the popular actress- Enhle Mbali for around eight years and the two were blessed with two sons- Anesu and Asante.

Black Coffee and Enhle Mbali had a very nasty breakup followed by a divorce with Enhle accusing Black Coffee of infidelity and physical assault.

Before his marriage to Enhle, Black Coffee was in other relationships with other women that resulted in the birth of his two other sons – Esanu and Lilitha.


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