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Sarah Langa’s 2020 powerful prayer

While people like Kylie Jenner are already rooting for 2020 to end, model Sarah Langa wants to go through the rest of the year without any toxic people in her life and she’s explained why.

Sarah Langa

The model and influencer – who has been slaying minding her own and slaying the Instagram streets since the year began – said she was already dealing with toxic people.

Sarah Langa

Going forward sis was praying that all the people with intentions of making her life toxic evade her path. I pray that the Almighty Allah/ God saves me from toxic people this year. I want to be free from toxic situations that don’t contribute to my growth and my wellbeing. I’m am so tired of having to deal with toxicity, my door is wide open for love and nothing else!” she said.

Sarah Langa

Sarah also took to Twitter to advise other women not to fall for the trap of taking toxic people into their lives.

She added that if a person (with a trashy character) can hurt another person for you, then they would most likely hurt you in the same way when given a chance.
Meanwhile, sis is slaying the hell out of the States.

Just check her and Moozlie out!

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Kelly Khumalo

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Source: Timeslive


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