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SANDF trainee dies 6 months after being run over

Vishay Singh will never be able to fulfil his dream of serving his country as a member of the SA National Defence Force (SANDF).

The 23-year-old trainee officer, who was run over by two vehicles outside his home in Marburg, Port Shepstone, died last Wednesday after six months on life support.

Singh suffered a brain injury, fractured legs and ribs and a punctured lung in the incident in January.

Reevek Ramlall and Durell Govender were arrested and charged with attempted murder. The matter is being heard in the Port Shepstone Magistrate’s Court. They are currently out on bail.

His sister, Verona Singh, said her sibling was based in Klipdrift, Potchefstroom, and that he returned home for the December holidays. On January 9, both accused allegedly ran over him with their cars.

“One vehicle ran over his head and the other over his legs and stomach. He suffered severe injuries. Vishay spent almost six months in hospital fighting for his life. His injuries were severe and doctors said they could not do much. They did all that they could to save him. It was like he was a prisoner in his own body.”

She said in recent months, he was semi-conscious.

“Vishay’s eyes were open but he could not speak. He had pipes running all over his body. This was heartbreaking and painful to see. It was torture to us. It was devastating. No words could describe how each and every day felt. We stood together as a family and with the faith of God, prayers were all we could hold on to.”

Verona said despite the Covid-19 restrictions, the hospital allowed her family to visit and spend a few minutes with Singh.

“During that time, we played his favourite music. We also held his hand and prayed for him. We reminded him about his life with us and what would happen when he came home after this.

’’We told him how much we loved him and how much more we needed him. Eventually, our Vishay succumbed to his injuries.”

She said her brother was fascinated with guns and the military forces.

“His dream was to be a part of the military and be a soldier to serve his country. He also planned to buy his own home.

“Vishay was brave and fearless. He was a responsible young man and independent. He had a bubbly personality and was respectful. My brother always helped others and ensured that everyone shared and was part of his happiness.

’’He was the most caring and loving only brother, son, and grandson of our family. He always made sure to not disappoint us in everything he did.”

Verona said apart from his military career, Singh enjoyed music, cars, and dancing.

“There was never a dull moment with Vishay. He was also part of a bhajan group at our local temple.”

Verona said she hoped the law would take its course.

“The matter is still under investigation but we are praying Vishay gets justice. We thank each and every person that had Vishay in their heartfelt prayers for his recovery and to others for their messages of support. We are left with the best memories that we will cherish for as long as we live. He fought like a true soldier.”

His colleague, Gunner Storm Oranzie, said Singh would be remembered as an outspoken and generous person.

“He never complained and he always followed orders. Vishay was experiencing life the best way he could. These past six months have been an emotional roller-coaster for us. You can feel that someone is missing.”

Lieutenant Khongelani Chauke said: “He was a good person, friendly and never negative. He was dedicated to his training and achieving his goal of becoming an officer. We are all saddened by his passing.”

Captain Nqobile Gwala, a provincial police spokesperson, said a case of attempted murder was being investigated.

At the time of publication the police did not confirm if the charges against Ramlall and Govender would be changed to murder.

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