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#BBMzansi: Evicted housemate Sammy M opens up on life after Big Brother Mzansi

Evicted housemate Siphosethu ‘‘Sammy M’ Mxunyelwa was in a somber mood when she was the second contestant to be evicted from the Big Brother Mzansi competition, but she is hopeful it is not the end of her stint on the small screen.

“Life was simple, no-one knew me. Even with social media I didn’t post much, I didn’t have followers … but I’ve always known that I want to be in the show,” she told the publication.

Sammy said she wished she had shown her bubbly personality more because people might have the wrong impression of her.

Sammy M

“My experience was amazing. There were ups and downs, but everything else was amazing. My intention was to expose myself and what I can do and see the capabilities that I wasn’t aware of. It was too soon. I didn’t really have a strategy, it was more of ‘get there be yourself’,” she said.

“I didn’t show who I am and what I can do, and I know for a fact [that] if given the chance, if I had done that, people would see me in a different light. Not quiet, or boring. Sammy is very bubbly, I’m very talkative. I want to be in front. I do have a feisty side … I didn’t have time to show that side of me.”

In the first week of the competition, viewers witnessed many contestants quickly establish romantic relationships.

Sammy also found herself sharing a kiss with Wilfred “Willy” Thathane on screen.

Sammy M

“Will is the one that came to me and he kissed me, I didn’t expect that. I know he is in a relationship outside the house and I didn’t want anything serious in that house. So I told him we could be kissing buddies as much as I’m the one who said it, I didn’t initiate the whole thing — and now it seems I’m the one who initiated the whole thing.”

Having garnered attention from fans of the franchise, Sammy said she plans to grow in the entertainment industry as an actress and presenter.

“I’m going places. As much as I am discouraged right now, I know that this platform did the things for me. Acting, I’m definitely going to be out there. Whether there are interviews or presentations, I’m going to be there.

“I hope brands see me for brand ambassadorships. I wish that can happen for me. Just being everywhere and being known for what I do.”


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